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About Us

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That's me and my stud of a husband to the left when I was 36 weeks pregnant with our amazing son. We are what you'd call "old souls." We strive to live a simple life and keep our relationship, family, and friends at the top of our priority list. I am the "live and let live" type and refuse to get caught up in a specific niche of society. I love little bits of just about everything. You can find us watching Bonanza and Little House on the Prarie when we (mostly my husband) aren't working on our house or having fires in our backyard.

In trying our best to live that simple life in today's society, and especially since we found out I was pregnant, we have worked to eat naturally and as organically as our budget will allow. My husband did almost all of our home renovations by himself and I love to cook and am ok at sewing thanks to my momma. We will be working next spring to plant a garden (posts to come!) and my mom will teach me how to can and make her awesome strawberry jam so we can grow more of our own food.

What will you find on this blog? Several posts about DIY projects, pregnancy, natural birth, living simply and saving $$$, & product reviews/suggestions with an occasional giveaway. (I have a list of products that we purchased that I love. I will never be coerced by a company to give a false positive review because they gave me a product. I reach out to companies whom I already like if I am seeking a sponsored post). You'll also find recipes as I start to actually write them down, since I'm a "throw together whatever we have" kind of gal. I will give tips to help you save money, but you will not find recipes using mixes or processed junk because they happen to be cheaper. Healthy comes first here.

As I adjust to being a work-at-home mom (childcare provider, blogger, & artist), I will be working to get back to my first passion: Art. I partake in photography the most, but LOVE painting and sculpture, and it is my goal to open a successful Etsy shop one day. It's a 5 year plan. I want to take the time to rediscover myself as an artist and produce the best work possible first. I'll give occasional posts of work and works in progress as I go. And I just have to give a big shout out to Alisa Burke, who's blog inspired me to get back to my artistic roots. Thank you!
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