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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thankful Thursdays #2

Holy cow does a week fly by quickly! I haven't been getting much sleep with our poor E getting more teeth, but somehow I manage to maintain my energy throughout the day. I have 7 days to list thankful tid bits for, so topping my list:
  1. Whatever hormone or super mommy power it is that gives me energy when I really have no reason to have any. I really don't think my half cup of coffee in the morning is what does it. 
  2. Having an old school mom to teach me how to knit. Some mindless, yet productive, activity is just what I've been needing to wind down at night.
  3. Our income. Like I have mentioned, it isn't much, but I know it's more than others may have and it allows us to have this wonderful home and pay off our god-forsaken student loans (overpriced college debt is not on my thankful list...)
  4. I know I already said our son on my first list, but this is a specific trait of his: He loves my face. He needs my face to fall asleep, and if he stirs and wakes up, holding momma's face puts him right back to sleep. It makes my heart melt every single time. Even when I forget to trim his nails and it hurts like a *&$%#.
  5. Our Jumperoo. I never thought I would put him in there because I love holding him and wearing him and letting him roll around and explore on the floor when I'm not, but my back failed me this week and this thing has been a lifesaver for our creeping-up-on-20lbs-and-always-wants-to-be-held-standing-up almost 6 month old. (I'm also very thankful for my husband's generous co-worker's daughter who gave it to us!)
  6. Freecycle. If you have never heard of Freecycle, you should get on that. It is a network which allows you to post things you'd like to give away, as well as find things others are giving away. It's a great way to get rid of things and know they are going to someone who needs them, as well as score some great things you may need for free. We've gotten extra bricks for the yard, plant hangers, misc decorations for the house, baby stuff, etc. If, however, you get on there to get things for free to sell or take advantage of generous people, may karma get you. Don't ruin it for the rest of us.
  7. Patience. I never had much in my younger years, but I have managed to develop lot of it. When I was in Hobby Lobby yesterday, a small line formed and they paged someone up to open their register. When she didn't come right away, a woman behind me was being incredibly rude saying her name over and was rediculous and I am very thankful I don't stress like that woman. Not to mention I couldn't do my job without a good amount of it.

What are you thankful for this week?

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