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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thankful Thursdays - #1

I've been seeing some posts on Facebook from folks giving what they are thankful for each day. I think it is a fantastic practice and something that we should do throughout the year. Especially during those weeks you may have where you feel down in the dumps. Remembering what you have to be thankful for can lift your spirits. So today, I begin Thankful Thursdays. Every Thursday I will write a warm & fuzzy post outlining things I am thankful for that week. I feel I am very blessed and want to put that into writing. If nothing else, it will be great to look back on over the years. But I do hope these posts help to inspire you as well. So, in the spirit of Thanksgiving and the daily posts, I will give one for each day, 1-14. I'll start with the biggies and work my way on to the little things :)

I am thankful for:
  1. My husband. Let me count the ways:
    1. He loves me. Like a lot. 
    2. He works hard for this family, both in his career and on The Homestead.
    3. He gets sh*t done. Over the past year, he really has made this house a home with those strong, hard-workin' hands of his, and he is still working on it.
    4. He doesn't have a "man complex." He couldn't care less about sports or doing "manly" things for the sake of being manly. He had no issues going out to buy me pads after our son was born (for some reason I bought one pack...what was I thinking?). But no one who knows him will argue his manliness.
    5. He can fix anything he has the tools for.
    6. He shares my belief in gentle parenting.
    7. He has his priorities straight, and our son & I are at the very top of his list. He doesn't have to say it, he shows it. 
    8. He shares my beliefs in eating real, healthy food. 
    9. He lets me take the first sip of his beer (since I don't drink much more than that because I'm breastfeeding).
    10. And just to have an even 10 reasons, he's quite handsome ;)
  2. Our son. Any parent knows that this one is hard to put into words. Being the one thing someone needs and wants in the world is a huge & awesome responsibility that I wouldn't trade for anything. 
  3. My mom, aka Ma. I didn't always have a super warm and fuzzy childhood, but she was the rock for me to lean on and the glue that kept me together, and the one who made sure that I do have a lot of great memories. The best parts of me are there because of her. 
  4. Staying home. My husband is a third-year teacher, so he doesn't make loads but he makes just enough to allow me to stay home and watch a couple of youngsters. We are both grateful that I can stay with our baby man, especially since he is super attached to his momma. Like, I can't leave the house without a crying fit attached (which I am totally fine with btw, he will only be little once, and for a short time!).
  5. Alaska. I plan to write a post on this sharing my photos and experiences, but way back in 2006 I spent a summer working in Skagway, Alaska. I was on the Denver Glacier living with 25 other folks in a camp without running water or electricity (other than the generator to keep up communications and give us a treat of a movie now and then). Other than being surrounded by beauty and sled dogs everyday, I did a lot of growing up there. Amazing what disconnecting from modern technologies can do for a person. It left such an impression on me that I decided to tattoo the stars of their flag on my back two years later, which coincidently symbolize strength and looking to the future, and that's exactly what I needed at that point in my life. 
  6. Coffee. I don't drink much, but I love my morning cup! Especially when I get to share it with my hubby on the weekends :)
  7. My camera. It has brought me a lot of joy, as well as some income, and I use it almost daily to capture the cuteness of E as he grows. Could you imagine life before photos? It's pretty awesome that we get to preserve our memories.
  8. Wisconsin. My mom's side of the family lives there and we try to visit twice a year. I have always loved the relaxed feeling there and I think growing up visiting my family in the middle of nowhere has a lot to do with my priorities and the relaxed life we live now. They work hard, eat, play games, and laugh with a cup of "slush" in their hand. My husband loves it too and fits right in (which was kind of a requirement). Not to mention I'm a big Packers fan. I don't do trash talk btw :)
  9. Generosity. We have many generous people in our lives and I have to give a lot of credit to them for our ability to be where we are in life. After E was born, we received so many clothes, meals, and gifts it was humbling. We had tons of girl clothes at the ready (that's for another post) and since our friends and family knew this, everyone brought at least one outfit with them when they visited. Not to mention the meals brought to us by a moms' group I joined. Those were fantastic and unexpected. 
  10. Ellen. Yes, of the Ellen Show. I don't watch it every day, but she is the type of person we need to see more of on TV. I love her message and how much joy she brings to people. She reminds us of the good in the world.
  11. Chai Tea. Those flavors instantly relax me and brighten any chilly, gloomy day.
  12. Our Veterans. Both of my grandfathers were in the military, and currently my uncle Brandon is in the Army. Other than serving our country, he has been there for me in the past when I needed him, and took me out for my 21st birthday (who better to keep you safe on a night out?). But seriously folks, remember those who fight for our freedoms, and remember what those rights are that they are fighting for. Some are quick to give them up for a false sense of security. Grrr don't do it!
  13. Animals. Specifically our own little Ruger (dog) & Tippy (cat). I have loved animals my entire life and have volunteered and worked with many in the past. They have brought me much joy and peace over the years. We rescued both of our animals, and while Ruger has his quirks, he was our first baby and is wonderful with our son. Tippy has kept the mice at bay and is a very cool, tough cat. He and Ruger wrestle and play on a daily basis. One of those things that warms your heart.
  14. Cloth diapers. This one popped into my head since I just changed one...I'm thankful that I found that they exist at one of my newborn photoshoots years ago. They have saved us so much money, and kept our little man away from the chemicals that are filling most of today's disposables. Not to mention their eco-friendliness. 
Whew! There, I'm all caught up for the month. I'll see you again next Thursday! Until then, what are you most thankful for? I would love to hear it! Sometimes folks bring up some of the little things that I may forget about and it's a great reminder for us all!

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  1. How I love the way you write and the way YOU love your wonderful husband! And, I feel exactly the way about Ellen. I truly miss you and feel like I just got to listen to you talk :)


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