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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Second Trimester Reflections

Now that our second trimester has come to a close, I'm going to attempt to slow down time for a moment and reflect...I can't believe we get to meet our little angel in 11 1/2 weeks! I can't explain the excitement.

Our 23 week photo went missing :(
What I have learned in the past 12 weeks:
  • A woman's body is truly an amazing machine.
  • Feeling your baby kick and squirm around is THE sweetest thing in the world (at least until she is here!).
  • I could seriously be entertained for hours just laying there and watching my belly move while dreaming about our lives ahead (and hearing the Jaws theme in my head from time to time). 
  • I'm one of the lucky ones. Other than some fairly intense stretching pains on occasion, I have basically breezed through this pregnancy thus far. Despite having lower back pain in the past, I haven't during pregnancy. I don't get heartburn (which is awesome because I crave buffalo chicken at times...but that's nothing new). I haven't "gotten sick" once, although there were a couple of close calls. I do get in bad moods, but am able to recognize them and give Nick a warning (love you!), and those have subsided now...I think. 
  • I love my husband. Of course I already knew this, but when he holds my belly and talks to the baby and I get to think about him being a dad wrapped around the finger of his little girl, it makes my heart melt.
  • Having a cold during pregnancy can really stink. There is a list of meds you can take during pregnancy, but I refused. We like to live as purely as possible. A couple of days home on the couch with hot water + organic lemon juice + local honey nursed me back to health. 
  • Building a registry can be as stressful as it is exciting. There is just so much "stuff" and it's hard to narrow down to the necessities and keep the somewhat minimalist lifestyle we live. Thanks to some awesome facebook friends' suggestions, I'm pretty confident in our registry. Gotta love Target
  • I never thought I'd be so excited about diapers. But, we've been building up a cloth stash and I'm super excited for some reason. Maybe it's the thought of saving $1500 on diapers. (For those of you who are still picturing the old school cloth the image below to have your world changed. Get it? I made a funny.)
bumGenius Elemental

  • I'm pretty darn strong, but not as "independent woman" as I thought. A big thanks to the ladies I have reached out to for advice. The thought of hiring a doula to assist our birth has eased a lot of anxiety that built up after the hospital tour. I'm stuck in the middle of having a hospital birth and loving the idea of birthing at home, but we are doing a natural hospital birth because despite any anxiety a hospital may cause, I think it gives me more comfort than staying home. I'll do the majority of the labor at home, and we'll head to the hospital later on.
  • That being said, I'm not afraid of the birth. We are shooting for all-natural and intervention free, but I am not afraid of the pain. That's not because I'm naive to what it may feel like, of course I don't know, but I am extremely motivated. "I am woman, hear me roar." So while I may feel a bit more dependent...I feel that much more brave and awesome for growing this little miracle. 
  • Either I don't get out much or look mean, because I have not been attacked by women with their belly radar on in public. Yay!
  • I used to think we'd be set with just one child, but being 2/3 through the pregnancy is telling me I'm going to miss it and want to have one more. I may whine about occasional discomforts, but I am one of those who LOVE being pregnant. 


  1. Did you give up on your blog? =(

    1. Hello and I appreciate you asking :) I definitely have not given up and am just getting ready to really get it rolling. I am at home settling in with our new little man and will begin posting regularly and even have my first review and giveaway coming very soon!!


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