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Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Miracle Belly Cream

Get ready folks...this stuff is amazing and super easy. First, go to the store (Woodman's, Jewel, Trader Joe's. etc.) and buy some organic coconut oil. Why organic? Because it's much better than potentially rubbing chemicals into your body. It'll cost around $10-15 for a 16oz jar...but a little goes a LONG way.

So once you get that coconut oil home, open the jar...use your fingers to take out a chunk the size of a marble. Rub it in your hands to melt it (it is a soft solid) and slather it on your belly. INSTANT relief I tell you. I've been having some serious stretching pains and this felt so good. I still have the pains now and then, but they are much more soothed now. I'm applying it three times a day, morning, when I get home from work, and again before bed.

Magical Lotion

My mother didn't have any stretch marks and they say it's genetic, but I will attest to this for helping with stretch marks this summer. They say that nothing prevents stretch marks, but I have to believe that staying nice and moisturized doesn't hurt either. It at least helps the itching/burning that can come with your belly stretching to hold a watermelon.

Could you add vitamin E oil and make it extra fancy? Of course you could. But we're pregnant and busy and this is so much easier. Even if you are not currently preggers, this stuff is amazing on dry patches and an esthetician friend told me that she puts it on her face every night. I am probably going to try this as well, at least on my forehead. Darn winter.

Disclaimer: Obviously, don't use this if you have any type of allergy or intolerance to coconut. I'd also recommend trying it on a small area first. It is about as pure as it gets and I haven't read anything about reactions so far.

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