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Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Super Yummy Leftover Recipe :)

So I tend to "wing" recipes because I usually don't have all of the required ingredients on hand, or I just feel like making it a different way. I thought I should finally start writing down my successes, and figured why not post them, too! I was inspired for this recipe by a post I saw on the Etsy Blog.

I started with a pizza dough recipe from The Joy of Cooking. For the filling, I grated (very finely) a carrot and stalk of celery. I then cut up our leftover turkey very finely (you could shred it, but I found using kitchen scissors to cut small pieces was so easy and quick!). I also added some leftover mashed potatoes as a binder, and a little leftover gravy to keep it moist and stick it all together.

I rolled out the dough into two 12" circles (what most recipes will yield) and cut each of those into 4 equal pieces. I then loaded in the filling and folded up the corners, baked them at 350 degrees for I'm not sure how long (I just watched it) and voila! We dipped them in leftover cranberry sauce (the awesome recipe from the last post). SO yummy!!

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  1. YUM!! I can't believe a busy teacher like yourself has time to make homemade Pizza Dough! What a treat it is to make your own dough - and the way the house fills with yeasty fragrance - heavenly. I think folks will want to make this with their Thanksgiving leftovers! very creative, April!


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