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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Our 1st Thanksgiving

We were very excited to have our first Thanksgiving in our new home :) After stressing so much over the turkey, I completely neglected to get photos of everything else (we had some delicious contributions!) Jeanette brought awesome stuffing and mashed potatoes, my mom (Bev) brought pumpkin pie (yum) and sweet potatoes, and my great aunt Judy brought some green bean casserole and yummy cranberry-date bars. I made dinner rolls, homemade crannbery sauce (awesome recipe - see here), and of course the turkey (I got to find out just how finicky our oven's temperature is).

I also had a lot of fun making some little decorations for the day! I painted some little foam pumpkins, made placemats out of brown burlap, and made a banner out of some scraps of fabric I found at school. It's amazing what a little twine and hot glue can do!

Now, I won't let you believe that my first ever turkey was as perfect as it looks in the picture below :-P It looks beautiful, but was a little underdone, which in my opinion was way better than overdone. After a bit of carving, some juices started running a little pink, so Nick finished carving and we threw it back in the oven for a little while to finish it up. Crisis averted!


We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!!

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