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Thursday, October 31, 2013

DIY Babywearing Halloween Costume

We had a costume party to go to this past weekend so I threw together a costume for our little guy with some materials I had on hand. Granted, this could have been better, but it worked and I didn't have to buy anything. If I did it again, I would have done two layers of the "egg" and stuffed it. And I also would have had a more contrasting outfit for him, but again, last minute and this was still adorable. It was super easy and I've included the pattern for the tail and hat attachment. This could also be used for a baby dinosaur (my original idea but it was more involved and I ran out of time).

For the egg, I used felt because it is more stiff, but I think fleece would work well, especially if you plan on doubling it up and stuffing it (the stretch would make that even easier on you.

I traced the Baby Bjorn onto paper first for some reason. You could definitely just trace it (or whatever carrier you are using) right onto the fabric. (I realize these aren't the best carriers because of hip issues, but he'd push his way right out of the Moby now and I couldn't find our Mei Tai carrier. One day won't hurt and I hold his legs up most of the time anyways). 

So first, trace your carrier (twice if you want to stitch them together and stuff it). Make sure to leave some extra fabric for tabs to help attach it. For example, I left extra at the bottom and cut a slit to put the bottom of the carrier through. I also left two tabs to cut holes in to slip the top straps through. This will depend on your carrier. Obviously, make sure you don't fold or attach fabric anywhere that would compromise the strength/safety of your carrier! Also cut some zig zags at the top and arm/legs to get that newly hatched look.

Next, for the tail, I had yellow felt that I turned into a tail. Use the Tail Pattern to quickly cut out, trace on your fabric, and cut again. Once you have this cut out, fold and stitch where it overlaps. Then, cut at the slits shown. Cut out a 4" circle of the same fabric (or the egg color would work as well). Stitch the cone to the flat circle. Before you get to the very end, stuff it well with batting or cotton balls, or extra fabric, really whatever you have on hand that is fluffy. Then, finish up the stitching.

Once you have your cone, to get the cute little duck tail look, stitch up, over about an inch, and back down. Then tie a knot and pull until it is perked up to your liking, then double the knot (I used coordinating embroidery floss but thread should work just fine). 

Now to poke it out of your egg! Find the center of your egg, about where you think a tail would be. Cut a 3" X. Then, cut some zig zags for that broken eggshell look. Poke your tail through the back and stitch it on.

Now for the hat. We had a little duck hat on hand to attach a little "broken eggshell" to. You can use this pattern for any baby hat, though you may want to shrink it a bit for a newborn, I think the oversized shell would be cute. Cut out the pattern, trace, and cut out your fabric. Stitch it at the overlap and cut your zig zag again. I only did about 4 big stitches to stitch it to the hat because I wanted to be able to easily take it off later.

Then it's time to put it all together! Again, it would be better if we had some orange pants and a more yellow shirt, but it worked regardless :)

With some stuffing and a better outfit underneath, it'd be super cute! But this was a good, no-cost & quick alternative :)

Happy Halloween!!


  1. ADORABLE! That is the cutest costume ever! Great job!

  2. Thanks Jesse! :) He was definitely a hit at the party (being the only baby there didn't hurt either haha)


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